Accreditation to Ijahis idja


Dear Press representative: You are most welcome to participate in Ijahis idja, a festival celebrating the music of indigenous peoples held in Inari from August 17th to 18th 2018. We hope that our events will be seen and heard on the media you represent. Accreditation will entitle you to receive a press pass and a wristband for Ijahis idja.

Submitting an accreditation request does not, as such, entitle you to receive a press pass for Ijahis idja, because the prerequisite for granting a press pass is that the people requesting one will be on duty during our event.

Please send us an email with the following information: the name of the media you represent, your position, address, telephone number, email address and how you can be best reached. We will prepare a press pass for you for Ijahis idja 2018 based on this information. The press pass will entitle you to attend all Ijahis idja 2018 events free of charge.

We ask that you send your accreditation request to aleksi.ahlakorpi(at)

If you wish, we will also send you material in advance of the festival.

The deadline for submitting your accreditation is August 11th 11 a.m.

For additional information:
Associate Producer Aleksi Ahlakorpi / aleksi.ahlakorpi(ät) / +358 40 687 8844

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