Ailu Valle

Sat 15.08 at 20:15

Ailu Valle is a 35-year-old rapper, who performs in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English. Valle combines strong message, technicality and emotion in his style. Valle is from the northernmost part of Finland, from a little reindeer herding village Gámasmohkki, Ohcejohka municipality. Valle got interested in rap in junior high school when the baggy jeans and hand signs arrived to the north and around the year 2006 he started rapping in English and Finnish.

Northern Sámi language came in naturally when his own perspective was found and the rap turned out to be a perfect way to channel the protest against the western culture’s nature destroying direction. Add to that, Northern Sámi is the language of his soul, heart and feelings.

Valle has toured and had concerts actively since 2008 in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada and USA.

Ailu Valle released his third solo album “Viidon sieiddit” or “Widened sacrificial stones” on 27.7.2019. On the album Valle reflects on the attitudes and the connection with nature in the climate change era with a deeply philosophical maneuver; with the means of yoik and spoken word and rap in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English.