Evvan nõmmpeeiʼv

Sat 20.08 at 17:00

Evvan nõmmpeeiʼv (english: Evvan’s Name days) is a brand new Skolt sámi band which will have their debut gig in Ijahis idja 2022.

Evvan nõmmpeeiʼv is Aimo Aikio, Erkki Feodoroff, Jonne Fofonoff, Henry Haataja, Tero Harju, Anna Lumikivi and Sari Saxholm.

Evvan nõmmpeeiʼv plays mostly their own Skolt sámi language music. The doesn’t limit itself to just one genre or style. Their set is laced with carefully picked cover songs and of course, quadrille bangers!
Treasuring Skolt sámi roots, warm team spirit and the pure joy of playing together are the driving forces behind the band.

The bands repertoire of songs is as diverse as the number of Evvan’s name days in the Skolt Sámi calendar!