Felgen Orkester

Sat 19.08 at 23:59

Felgen Orkester is a band from Kárášjohka. They began playing together in 2011. Band has seven members and six of them are cousins and 7th one is their friend (who probably is also somehow related to the other six). The bands motto is Joik’n’Roll!

Felgen Orkester plays folk-pop-rock and all of their songs are in Northern Sámi. Band members have a strong connection to nature and that’s why they get their inspiration from the Northern nature.
Some of Felgen’s songs are quite abstract and key to understanding them might be hidden in the Sámi nature.

Band likes to play lively and cheerful music and that’s why they have instruments like accordion and mandolin in their songs.

Felgen Orkesters most well-known songs are Beaivelottážat, Ferrari vuoján, Buolli dolla and Jovnna.

The band released their debut album, Skealbma mojit, in 2015 and it was followed by their second lp, Duhát jagi geahčen, in 2017.
Since their previous Ijahis idja concert, Felgen Orkester has realeased two albums: Mirko Čalmmit (2019) and Čuđit (2021).
Bands newest single, In gula, was released in March 2023.