Fri 18.08 at 20:00

Gabba, which translates to “Ivory-coated Reindeer” in North Sámi, is a Sámi band that seamlessly blends traditional yoik with influences from Norwegian folk music, Americana, and other “world musics” into their own Tundra Blues.
Gabba’s music is a reflection of the Sámi people’s lifestyle, with each song transporting the listener to the vast landscapes of the Arctic region.

The yoik master John André Eira from Mazé, Guovdageaidnu, brings his ancestral legacy and original compositions to Gabba’s music, creating a sound that is both haunting and captivating. The unique and innovative interplay in the band is due to the fact that the musicians live together and play in multiple bands (Svarte Svaner, Tæladylju).
Listeners and concert-goers can expect an authentic music experience full of youthful energy.

The band was productive during the pandemic, with licensing and composing music for media, as well as sporadic concerts. Some of the notable side projects from last year include a collaboration on the HBO series “Utmark” that resulted in the single “Horágallis”, and an invitation from the Canadian-Norwegian diplomatic project “Nordic Bridges”, which will result in a tour in Canada in the near future.
In 2023, Gabba was awarded the Norwegian Grammy, in the category of “traditional music,” cementing their status as one of the leading Sámi bands in the country.