Ijahis idja for the great fells of Käsivarsi

Sat 15.08 at 19:00

The outermost northwest tip of Finland, a bulge called Käsivarsi or “Arm of Finland” is a target for international mining industry right now. Mining would have irreversible effect on the harsh nature and animals in this wilderness area. The vitality of the area is based on sustainable land use with livelihoods like traditional Sámi livelihoods, nature tourism and recreational activities like hiking. Mining industry has devastating effects on fresh waters, animals and land. Ijahis idja festival wants to show support for the traditional inhabitants of the area and say no to mining in Sámi homeland.

The artists of the theme concert are yoikers Iŋgá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and Juha Tornensis. In addition, a voice is given to people in traditional livelihoods in the area.

Iŋgá-Máret Gaup-Juuso
Photo: Sannamari Blinnikka-Tyrväinen