Jalvvi Niillas – Dædno, luođik

Sajos, auditorio
Sat 17.08 at 15:00

Luođik sound work release concert.

Deatnu, Deatnu … The boat is launched on water, it converses with the river. Water splashing against oars, the voices of boat and wind pierce the veil of time. Meahcci answers, the centuries and generations respond, assembling to the river bank.
Look at Guvvá Káre descending to the river valley, leaving the uplands and the reindeer behind. And there is Čálkko Ánde making his impactful arrival to Deatnu. Ándde Ánná dreams of predators whenever they approach the herd, and so her siblings Mággá, Niillas-Ánde and the others know when to be alert. There is Jalvvi Jovnna transporting boats to safer waters.
And here’s Guvvá Káre again, on her way to persuade Iŋgga Per Ivvár to marry her daughter. Meanwhile, her sister-in-law, Heandarat Elle, would surely catch the philologist Konrad Nielsen as her husband – if it wasn’t for all the jealous intruders.

Bávlosa Beahkká, Pekka Aikio, has recorded the soundscape on the Buolbmátjohka river, right underneath the great hills of Searbbat. Jalvvi Niillas Holmberg yoiks his ancestors and their close relatives.

Photo: Lada Suomenrinne

Jalvvi Niillas