Maxida Märak

Fri 18.08 at 21:30

Maxida Märak is a Swedish-Sámi yoik singer and one of the most unique and tone-setting artists. With yoik as fuel, Maxida mixes pop, hip-hop and R&B and does something like no other. The lyrics are straight and honest, often political. She writes about her own history, based on her side of society, and hopes that through it she can awaken thoughts and understanding for herself and her people. Although the message in her songs is clear, it is not politics that drives her as an artist. It’s the quest to create bold music. On stage, Maxida is cocky and gets on with it. She’d rather have too much than too little.

In 2021 she appeared in TV4’s So much better and in 2022 she did over 100 gigs while releasing new music where she collaborated with, among others, Melissa Horn, Joakim Berg and Carl Falk. Since her debut in 2015, she has rarely been on the lazy side and 2023 is no exception – more music signed by Maxida Märak awaits soon.

Maxida Märak