Sat 14.08 at 20:15

Risten Anine and Sara Marielle are sisters who grew up in the Northern Sámi village of Guovdageaidnu.
They are traditional and modern juoigit (yoikers) and have performed on stage with luohti (yoik), theatre and other cultural communication since childhood. The sisters longstanding project has always been to preserve traditional Sámi yoik and teach it to children and youth in order to spark their interest for keeping this tradition alive.
Risten Anine and Sara Marielle formed OZAS as a continuance of a lifelong artistic collaboration and their shared values, passion and engagement, and to create a platform for their heart projects and cultural expressions.

OZAS’ debut album is due for release in 2022. At Ijahis idja you have a unique chance to experience OZAS live on stage before that.