Performance: Biret & Gáddjá Haarla Pieski – Čalmmiid čađa

Sajos auditorio
Sat 19.08 at 15:00

In this place, in this state of being, with these people, today, now: “čalbmat” means starting to see. This trip starts from staring, from watching, from only watching. Then seeing without preconceptions, expectations or explanations, then meeting each other and with this place. Allowing the kinship to be enough. Allowing it to go through the eyes, into the guts, into the body.
A start without talking. The two of them start by tearing the words apart. Words that one cannot trust, words that tend to be only something black on white, a contract torn apart already in the beginning.
Landing somewhere else, starting all over again, but with a glimpse of the past. Then hiding the traces, living in a soft fight, missing a contract. Wandering around and round, from up to down, upside down, outside and inside.
Then again leaving, moving along, landing.

Konseapta ja ovdanbuktin: Biret Haarla Pieski, Gáddjá Haarla Pieski
Dramaturgalaš veahkki: Antoine Dupuy-Larbre
Jietna: Nicholas Francett
Vuöllie/luohti: Katarina Barruk
Bádden ja luođi mixeren: Arnljot Nordvik
Čuovgahábmen: Meri Ekola
Biktasat: Iida Ukkola

Giitu Suoma Kulturinstituhta Benelux, Beursschouwburg, Sámiráđđi, SSN- Suoma Sámi Nuorat ja Riddu Riđđu Festivála

concept & performance: Biret Haarla Pieski, Gáddjá Haarla Pieski | dramaturgical assistance: Antoine Dupuy-Larbre | sound: Nicholas Francett | vocals: Katarina Barruk | recording and mixing of vocals: Arnljot Nordvik | light design: Meri Ekola | costumes: Iida Ukkola
With the support of Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Beursschouwburg, The Saami Council, SSN – Suoma Sámi Nuorat and Riddu Riđđu Festival, Baltic Circle