Tundra Electro

Sat 14.08 at 17:00

Earth shakes as Tundra Electro comes to Ijahis idja!
Tundra Electro was formed in 2016 by the Sami yoiker Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and the Norwegian musician and composer Patrick Shaw Iversen. They first started working together in 2007 with several projects touring through India, Nepal and Bangladesh. With Tundra Electro they have developed a unique sound combining the traditional vocal style of the Sami people with electronica, improvisational music and elements of Indian classic music. All the music is written by Patrick Shaw Iversen while the vocals are a combination of ancient yoiks more than a 100 years old and new yoiks and texts written by Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso.
Their first album Eanan Gamáda/Earth Shaking was released in 2020. Ijahis idja is the first festival, where you can experience them live after their album release.