Sajos, auditorium
Fri 16.08 at 19:30

Ánnámáret is an indigenous Sámi yoiker with unique yoik voice and interpretation. With her band and visual artist she has created an audiovisual world. It combines Ánnámáret yoiks with the electronic music by Turkka Inkilä and Ilkka Heinonen’s Carelian bowed lyre jouhikko sound, while Marja Viitahuhta’s video art is in conversation with the music.

Ánnámáret´s concert in Ijahis idja is the release concert of Bálvvosbáiki music album. Yoiks in the album reflect on how the Sámi worldview is found in this time. Are the old female gods Sáráhkka, Juhksáhkka and Uksáhkka still present? Is the power of the Sieidi, the sacred stone strengthened by yoiking it? What does the overgenerational grief feel like? The themes of the Bálvvosbáiki concert are familiar in Sámi culture, both historically and today.