Sámi Culture Centre SAJOS
+358 10 839 3109

Sámi Museum Siida
Inarintie 46
+358 400 898 212


Festival pass

Pre-sale 50 €
At the gate 60 €

7-15 year-old children:
Pre-sale 20 €
At the gate 25 €

Day pass

Pre-sale 27 €
At the gate 35 €

7-15 year-old children:
Pre-sale 12 €
At the gate 15 €

Advance ticket sale begins after the program release. Please follow festival’s website and social media accounts. For the auditorium events it is important to arrive in good time in order to make sure that one gets a seat. Under 7-year-old children get free entrance. Festival organization reserves the right for changes.


All guests must go through a security check at the festival gate. The security check is made to ensure the safety and comfort of all the guest. By leaving forbidden items at home or to the cloak tent, you will significantly speed up the checks. Security guards have the right to decline entrance from guests who refuse to go through the security check.

Forbidden items

-Firearms, blades and multitools
-Videocameras and recording devices
-Camping chairs
-Laserpointers, light sticks, flares ja other similar items
-Glass bottles and cans

Allowed items

-Bags and backbags
-Chargers and powerbanks
-Still cameras
-Small snacks
-Unopened see-through water bottles

Cloak tent

There is a cloak tent for bags, forbidden items etc. at the entrance of the festival. Fee 3 € is payed at the ticket booth.


Ijahis idja festival is located in centre of Inari. There is a wide range of accommodation available in Inari, in Ivalo (40 kilometres south from Inari) and in Kaamanen (33 kilometres north from Inari). Here are the links to the accommodation services:

Hotelli Kultahovi
Hotelli Inari
Wilderness Hotel Inari

Hotelli Korpikartano
Nuorisokeskus Vasatokka
Villa Lanca
Toivasen lomamökit
Uruniemi camping
Inarin lomakylä
Lomakylä Lapponia
Inarin poropirtit

Kaamasen Kievari
Lomakylä Jokitörmä
Neljän Tuulen Tupa

Hotelli Kultahippu
Guesthouse Husky
Kamisak Bed & Breakfast
Hotelli Ivalo
Ivalo River Camping