Talent stage

Sat 20.08 at 15:30

Erke & the Boys

Last year this group surprised everyone in Ijahis idja youth concert and gained immediately a group of devoted fans. Now they’re back and this time they’ll play a longer concert than the previous one . Heavy sound, talented musicians, the first trash metal band in Sápmi and an outdoor stage in Inari in August – what more could you wish for!
The band also plays a short concert in the youth concert on Friday.
Photo: Tuomas Launimaa

Inarin KaMut

Inarin KaMut is a folk music group which plays Sámi and instrumental songs in Ijahis idja. The group played three gigs at Kaustinen Folk music festival this summer. In Ijahis idja you will get to hear their versions of traditional songs.

Ulpu Mattus

Ulpu Mattus from Ivalo will perform new versions of famous Sámi hit songs and also one brand new banger. But do we get to hear this summer’s underground hit: Aanaarjävri in major key? (Yes, we do!)