Ijahis idja festival will broadcast a livestream concert on August 15th from the Sámi Culture Centre Sajos in Inari. The broadcast is free of charge. Audience is not allowed inside Sajos auditorium. On stage will be rap-artist Ailu Valle, Gájanas band and yoikers Iŋgá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and Juha Tornensis.

Ijahis idja for the great fells of Käsivarsi

The outermost northwest tip of Finland, a bulge called Käsivarsi or “Arm of Finland” is a target for international mining industry right now. Mining would have irreversible effect on the harsh nature and animals in this wilderness area. The vitality of the area is based on sustainable land use with livelihoods like traditional Sámi livelihoods, nature tourism and recreational activities like hiking. Mining industry has devastating effects on fresh waters, animals and land. Ijahis idja festival wants to show support for the traditional inhabitants of the area and say no to mining in Sámi homeland. The artists of the theme concert are yoikers Iŋgá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and Juha Tornensis. In addition, a voice is given to people in traditional livelihoods in the area.

Ailu Valle ja Gájanas perform modern Sámi music

Ailu Valle is rapper, who performs in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English. Valle combines strong message, technicality and emotion in his style. Ailu Valle released his third solo album “Viidon sieiddit” or “Widened sacrificial stones” on 27.7.2019. On the album Valle reflects on the attitudes and the connection with nature in the climate change era with a deeply philosophical manoeuvre; with the means of yoik and spoken word and rap in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English. In Ijahis idja livestream Ailu Valle will perform with DJ Uyarakq and dancers Janita Rantanen and Niina Rajaniemi.

Gájanas or “echo” is a band that plays Northern Sámi ethno-progressive music. The group comes from the top of Finland, Inari-Utsjoki area and has been nominated as the band of the year by the famous folk music festival Kaustinen. Echoes of Sámi tradition encounter present moment and form a colourful combination in the music of Gájanas. One can also hear a dialog between the traditional and modern Sámi music. In addition, it emphasizes the strong nature connection of the Sámi people. Different genres combine and create something new and unique.

Ijahis idja concert is streamed live on Saturday 15th of August at 7 pm at www.sajos.fi/live. Concert is organized in collaboration by Ijahis idja festival, Anára Sámisearvi ry, Sámi Music Centre of the Sámi Parliament in Finland, Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos and Sámi Education Centre.

Further info:
Producer Oula Guttorm
+358 40 667 4545