The indigenous people’s music festival, Ijahis idja, has published its program. The festival will be held in Inari/Anár on August 19th and 20th. This year’s program is again vast and versatile. Besides music there will be also Sámi sport competition, program for the youngsters, handicraft market and a talent stage.

Festival begins on Friday the 19th with kids day for pre-registered children. There’s a free entry for the Násttážat concert.

The festival begins at 18.00 but before that, there’s an Ijahis idja Cruise in Lake Inari. The cruise is organised by Visit Inari and rapper Ailu Valle will performing at the cruise. Tickets to cruise are sold separately.

Friday’s concerts at the festival area begin with Emil Kárlsen, who released his debut album earlier this year. After him, one of the most popular Sámi artists, “the sensation from Sápmi”, ISÁK will jump on stage. Fridays concerts will end with a party, as Bernt Mikkel Haglund ja juoigit will make you dance.

On Saturday the 20th the festival area opens at 15.00. The first concert is Talent Stage, where up-and-coming and not-yet-so-well-known artist will get a chance to perform.
On Saturday, also Evvan nõmmpeeiʼv (Evvan’s namedays) performs in Ijahis idja. It is a brand new Skolt Sámi band and Ijahis idja will be their first gig. A bit later Ulla Pirttijärvi-Länsman, Semmen Bolshunov ja Petter Morottaja will perform traditional Sámi music. Betweent the concerts, the people have a chance to take part in a traditional lasso throwing competition. Saturdays concerts end with a magnificent trio as we get to hear Arvvas, Angelit and Intrigue.

This years poster is designed by Lada Suomerinne, an artist from Nuorgam.

Ijahis idja in Inari from August 19th to 20th.

Ticket sales begin in the week 28.

Ijahis idja is organised by Anára Sámisearvi ry, Sámi parliament, Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, Sámi education centre, Inari municipality and Yle Sápmi in cooperation with Visit Inari and Hotel Kultahovi.

Additional info:
Oula Guttorm
+358 40 667 4545

Associate producer
Aleksi Ahlakorpi
+358 40 192 8468